On June 10, the first commercial PolyPetron from Sepco Industries, the machine that can convert 20,000 kg of plastic waste to 15,000 liters of clean oil per day, went operational in Thailand. Since then, 1,568 million kg of plastic waste has been disposed of and converted into 1,146,100 liters of clean, low-carbon oil with an ultra-low sulfur content (Advanced BioFuel).

PolyPetron at the Sa Kaeo Waste Management Facility in Thailand.

The first two weeks of production were used to regulate the process and “only” 13,000 kg of plastic waste was processed per day. The PolyPetron Gen.5 now runs at full speed and processes 20,000 kg of plastic waste per day and converts it into 15,000 liters of clean Advanced BioFuel.

There is more good news, Sepco Industries is currently finalizing the construction of a second PolyPetron at the Sa Kaeo Waste Management Facility in Thailand. In addition to the realization of PolyPetrons in Thailand, we are also working hard to realize a number of PolyPetrons here in Europe and elsewhere in the world. More on this soon.

Fortunately, themes such as sustainability, the circular economy and the environment are increasingly higher on the agenda of many provinces, municipalities, companies and investors. That is why it would be fantastic if Sepco Industries could realize one or more PolyPetrons in Europe in collaboration with these parties. Preferably in the short term, of course. Because the more PolyPetrons, the more plastic waste we can clean up.

Do you want to help realize this or do you have connections that can make this possible? Then leave a message or contact us on +31 85 06 56 276.

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