In the weekend of September 14, Sepco Industries, together with investor Cloud Horizon, organized the first karting competition on pyrolysis oil . You could say that the karts raced on plastic waste, because that is where this pyrolysis oil was made from.

The karting competition was part of a major event of Cloud Horizon in Bangkok. The pyrolysis oil that was used came from one of the PolyPetrons realized by Cloud Horizon. Do you, as a private individual, also want to contribute to the realization of even more PolyPetrons? That is possible, you can read more about this here.

Sepco Industries supplies machines, called the PolyPetron Gen.5, that can convert 20,000 kilos of plastic waste per day into 15,000 liters, low-carbon oil with an ultra-low sulfur content. Sepco Industries has been developing and building this machine since 2003. The production process is environmentally friendly and all ‘waste materials’ (gas and carbon) are reused to heat the reactor. This solution for plastic waste is therefore not an innovation or pilot project, but a turnkey solution that can be operational within 6 months.

Would you as an investor, company or government like to know more about this turn-key solution to solve the plastic waste problem in a very profitable way? Then contact us. We are available on +31 85 06 56 276, but you can also use the contact form below.

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