In this post we bring big news; the commissioning of the first commercial Polypetron ™ Gen.5 in Sa Kaew, Thailand.

This first commercial PolyPetron now runs at full capacity and produces no less than 18,000 liters of super clean, low-carbon fuel (Advanced BioFuel) per day.

There is even more good news, because after a few improvements to the production process, no sulfur can be measured in the produced fuel . Where previously a sulfur content of 0.0122% was measured, this is now 0%.

The special thing about this PolyPetron is that it is fully financed by private individuals who have bought packages through investor Cloud Horizon. We think it is great that these individuals did not wait for the government to tackle the plastic waste problem, but took their own responsibility and took action. Fantastic!

In the coming period much more news will follow, because at least 49 more PolyPetrons are being built in Thailand. Together, these 50 Polypetrons are cleaning up 330 million kilos of plastic waste, annually. Sepco Industries is building these PolyPetrons next to landfill sites so that there is sufficient plastic raw material available and the supply lines are short.

We are super happy with all these new developments and hope that you (private individual, investor, company or government) have been inspired by all this and are willing to do your bit in solving the plastic waste problem. More about this.

Sepco Industries supplies machines that can convert 20,000 kilos of plastic waste, daily, into 15,000 to 18,000 liters, low-carbon oil with an ultra-low sulfur content. Sepco Industries has been developing and building this machine since 2003. The production process produces 0% emissions and all ‘waste materials’ are reused to heat the reactor. So this is not an innovation or pilot project, but a turnkey solution that can be operational within 6 months.

If you want to know more about this turnkey solution to solve the plastic waste problem in a very profitable way? Then contact us. We are available on +31 85 06 56 276, but you can also use the contact form below.

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