The Opportunity

From plastic waste to liquid gold

As mentioned earlier, one Polypetron Gen.5 can convert 20,000 kilos of plastic waste into 15,000 to 18,000 liters of oil per day. That means that one machine, per year, can convert 6.6 million kilos of plastic waste into around 5 million liters of oil.

Back to the new EU regulations on adding 1.5% Advanced Biofuel to regular fuel. Around 340 billion liters of fossil fuel are consumed in the EU every year. This means that there is a market for Advanced Biofuel of 5.1 billion liters per year. A quantity that, at this moment, is far from being produced. (ref.)

Sepco Industries will play a major role in this market. Anyone who contributes financially to the construction of these machines will also be able to earn money from the sale of this oil.

You can understand, that this is a fantastic opportunity to actively contribute to solving the plastic waste problem. In addition, a large part of the profit from the oil that is sold, goes back to everyone who made the building the machines possible.

How can you contribute? This is possible in 3 ways:

  • By investing in a machine in Thailand.
  • By buying a machine for in the Netherlands or another country.
  • By buying one of the packages from investor Cloud Horizon. Cloud Horzion has signed a contract with Sepco Industries for financing 50 machines in Thailand.
  • Whichever option suits you, everyone can help in their own way to solve the plastic waste problem.

If you would like to know more, there is still plenty to tell. Then please come to one of our information evenings or contact us.