Opportunities for Inverstors

As described earlier, one Polypetron Gen.5 can, per day, convert 20,000 kilos of plastic waste into 15,000 liters of clean low-carbon oil with an ultra-low sulfur content of just 0.0122%. (This process is called pyrolysis, which is why it is also referred to as pyrolysis oil.) That means that one Polypetron, per year, can convert 6.6 million kilos of plastic waste into around 5 million liters of pyrolysis oil.

Oil is, for the time being, the world’s largest commodity. The world is running on oil and the demand for oil is not falling but rising. In addition, through new regulations, the EU has created a huge market for this type of oil (Advanced Biofuel). This regulation stipulates that regular fuel from 2021 must contain at least 1.5% Advanced Biofuel. In 2030 this should even be 10%. This means that from 2021 there is a market ready of 5.1 billion liters of Advanced Biofuel per year. A quantity that, at this moment, is far from being produced. (ref.)

Needless to mention that there is a great opportunity here to contribute both to solve the plastic waste problem and to get a good return on your investment. Sepco industries offers several options:

  • Invest in a Polypetron in Thailand.
  • Invest in a Polypetron in another country.

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