Opportunities for Individuals

Thank you for your interest in participating in this wonderful project. First let me tell you more about what participation means. Participation is an opportunity for people who really want to take action to get our planet clean again, but do not have large sums to invest in a Polypetron.

Thanks to investing and marketing company Cloud Horizon, everyone can now contribute to the growth of this hopeful project.

Cloud Horizon signed a contract with Sepco Industries on December 18, 2018 to finance 50 machines. Their first funded machine has been running since 10 June 2019 and the second one will start at the end of September. If both machines are running at full power, they can already clean up 1.2 million kilos of plastic waste per month and turn it into 900,000 liters of oil!

Of course we want as many people as possible to participate in order to really make a worldwide difference. Many hands make light work and with many small amounts, we quickly make a large amount with many people.
From 165, – you can already contribute, but this is not a donation. The great thing about this project is that everyone who participates will also earn money from selling the oil. In the online presentations we explain how.

  • The more people participate (each in his own way)
  • The more machines are built
  • The more plastic waste is disposed of
  • The more oil is produced

Are you ready to participate or do you first want to know more?

  • Then contact Mazarine Hulskamp on +31 6 51 97 91 06
  • Leave a message below
  • Participate in an online presentation