Opportunities for Companies and Government

As described earlier, one Polypetron Gen.5 can, per day, convert 20,000 kilos of plastic waste into 15,000 liters of clean low-carbon oil with an ultra-low sulfur content of just 0.0122%. (This process is called pyrolysis, which is why it is also referred to as pyrolysis oil.) That means that one Polypetron, per year, can convert 6.6 million kilos of plastic waste into around 5 million liters of pyrolysis oil.

For the first time there is now a solution for the plastic waste problem that generates money. That makes this not only a great opportunity for companies and investors, but also for governments. They can now actively contribute to solving the plastic waste problem, in a way that yields money rather than costs money.

Plastic waste is actually cleaned up by converting it into a valuable raw material, oil. Selling the produced pyrolysis oil naturally generates money, but do not underestimate the social and social power of this opportunity. Consider, for example, an airline company or a logistics company that flies or drives on plastic waste. Or a municipality that returns part of the proceeds of the oil sold to the citizen, because they have supplied a valuable raw material.

Despite the fact that people in Europe and many other parts of the world are fully engaged in sustainable, green or renewable energy, the world is still running on oil. The demand for oil is still rising. In addition, new EU regulations have also created a huge market for pyrolysis oil. This regulation states that from 2021 1.5% of this type of oil, which falls into the Advanced Biofuel category, must be added to regular fuel. This means that there is a market of 5.1 billion liters per year for this oil. A quantity that, at this moment, is far from being produced. (ref.)

So with oil recovered from plastic waste, we kill four birds with one stone:

  • The plastic waste is disposed of.
  • The circular economy is being contributed to by reducing the use of natural resources.
  • The use of pyrolysis oil produces (much) less pollution than regular fuel.
  • All this also generates money.

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