The solution for plastic waste

Plastic waste pollutes and threatens the earth and everything that lives on it. If we do not take any action in actually clearing this up, the earth will remain permanently polluted in the foreseeable future.

What if there was a solution that could recover the main component of plastic, oil? And what if this oil is much cleaner in use than comparable fossil oil because it is low in carbon and has an ultra low sulfur content? And what if this process is also environmentally friendly and there is no harmful emissions?

plastic waste to oil

PlasticWaste2Fuel is committed to effectively solving the plastic waste problem worldwide. For this we offer really working turnkey solutions.

Plastic Crisis

More than 6 trillion kilos of plastic waste

Worldwide there is an incredible amount of plastic waste, it is estimated that there are more than 6.3 trillion kilos on the earth.

Every year, around 8 billion kilos are added to the ocean. We now all know the shocking images of the plastic islands in the ocean, rivers where plastic flows instead of water, beaches that are flooded with plastic, not to mention the enormous suffering that it causes to animals. The plastic waste problem is really huge. (ref.)

Fortunately, more and more people are aware that something must be done about this problem. More and more initiatives are being taken to clean up plastic waste and prevent new plastic waste from being added. This is fantastic, but what do we do with all the plastic waste that is “disposed of”? To recycle? Unfortunately, only 9% of all plastic is recycled. The rest ends up in a landfill or it is burned and so the problem is constantly moved.

The Solution

Converting plastic waste to clean oil

Converting plastics to clean, low-carbon and almost sulfur-free oil is not new. This process is called pyrolysis and has been experimented with since the 1970s. The problem with these earlier pyrolysis systems was that they were very environmentally polluting and unprofitable.

Nevertheless, the development of pyrolysis technologies has made great progress in recent years. In the meantime, there are various, small and large, pyrolysis systems on the market (many of which are still under development) that run continuously, are highly cost-effective and, moreover, do not emit any harmful substances.

The European Union is also taking action against the plastic pollution, especially since countries such as China no longer want to import our plastic waste. Partly for this reason, the EU adopted new regulations at the end of 2018 that stipulate that from 2021 onwards, oil companies must add at least 1.5% of this Advanced Biofuel to regular fuels. In 2030 this must be at least 10%. (ref.)

About us

Leaving the world cleaner

PlasticWaste2Fuel actively contributes to solving the global plastic waste problem. Our goal is to leave the world cleaner for our children.

We do this by helping you, as a company, government or investor to realize the most suitable pyrolysis solution for you. For this we have contacts with various companies that produce and deliver working turnkey pyrolysis systems.

Who are we

Onno Ruiter is a serial entrepreneur with a passion to contribute to society. First as an officer at the Royal Netherlands Army and now CEO of the Maurits Institute, a company that uses military knowledge and experience in the field of leadership, command and control, crisis management and education and training to improve business performance and business continuity.

Another thing he is passionate about is SAVING THE WORLD FROM PLASTIC WASTE. In his opinion, this will only work, as in any company, if there is a good business model behind it.


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